Search tips


The e-resources collection can be searched or browsed in different ways:

  1. By a simple free text search
  2. By limiting your search to one or more subjects, geographical regions, the language of the resource, or its access status, i e freely available, Open Access, Hybrid (only for journals), or resources only available for students and staff from NNC institutions. You can also chose to see only resources which are newly added or are on trial. And you can chose if you want to limit your search to only Journals, Databases or E-books or a combination of these.
  3. Or by combining a free text search and choice of the above limitations.
  4. If you don’t chose anything and just press “search” you get to see all the e-resources that are available.

Always press Search to perform your search.

On the search results page you can then change or limit your search further if needed.

By default if you put more than one word in the free text field it uses AND to find resources with both words in teh description, title or subjects and in the results list those resources with both terms are shown first, then after that results with either one of the terms (OR) and finally results with only one of the terms.

If you combine/filter your search using the other fields these are also combined in your search request with AND.


PLEASE NOTE: we are still working on upgrading the subject classification of the e-resources. Please have a little patience with us for this.

Many databases and journals are general in content encompassing a wide area of subjects – these are classified as general.