Subject: Cultural politics

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Journal of National Essence (國粹學報)


The Journal of National Essence (國粹學報) was published  monthly  from 1905 to 1911  in Shanghai at the end of the Qing dynasty by the  國粹派 or the National Essence Group. The National Essence Group held a conservative  view and view on political and cultural reform of China tried to identify the national essence of China in order […]

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Performing the Nation: Cultural Politics in New Order Indonesia


Jorgen Hellman 2011 In sharp contrast to today’s disorder was the apparent cohesion and stability of Indonesia during much of the New Order period (1965–98). While Suharto’s authoritarian rule was significant, the regime’s cultural policies also played their part. Ethnic, religious and regional sentiments were to be channelled into the field of art rather than […]

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