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Decoding China dictionary


“What does Xi Jinping mean when he talks about the rule of law? How does the Chinese leadership define multilateralism? Did you know that China’s Socialist Core Values include democracy and freedom? What is Document No. 9 and why does it reject universal values? And what is meant by “a community of shared future for mankind”? The Decoding China Dictionary seeks to answer these questions and to serve as a guide to […]

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After the Great East Japan Earthquake: Political and Policy Change in Post-Fukushima Japan


*Dominic Al-Badri & Gijs Berends (eds)** 2013 The triple disaster that struck Japan in March 2011 began with the most powerful earthquake known to have hit Japan and led to tsunami up to 40 meters in height that devastated a wide area and caused thousands of deaths. The ensuing accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power […]

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