Sweden: Röhsska Museum

East Asian arts & crafts in the Röhsska Museum collection

The Röhsska Museum in Göteborg opened in 1916 and is the only museum in Sweden specializing in design and craft.

The museum collects historic and contemporary design and craft to focus and deepen the relevance of the history of design.

The museum has a rich collection of East Asian objects from 2500 BC to the present day.

East Asian crafts, particularly antique Japanese and Chinese ones, have been an important source of inspiration in the Nordic region for many centuries. As industrialism expanded at the end of the 19th century, a number of crafts museums were founded to preserve the status, skills and aesthetics of crafts.

Röhsska Museet Göteborg

The picture to the right shows snuff bottles displayed in the East Asian collection.

Since the Röhsska museum opened in 1916, the museum has had a permanent exhibition with craft from East Asia. The encounter between the Nordic region and East Asia is still leading to innovative design today.

Access the online collection here.

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Snusflaskor i den nya Östasiatiska utställningen på Röhsska museet.