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12. Aug 2011

Political blogs in China: the case of Han Han by Jesper Schlæger, PhD Fellow Copenhagen University

China, InFocus

Introduction Blogs1 have become a way for people to express personal opinions online, and in China the “blogosphere” is turning into an arena for political debate. This stands in sharp contrast to the Chinese state media which, not surprisingly, usually present the officially acceptable version of social events. Self-censorship among journalists and editors is well-known, […]

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2. Mar 2011

Are the “flower revolutions” in the Middle East and North Africa endangering stability in China? by Christian Göbel

China, democracy, InFocus

These are fascinating
times, as the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East might well be the
beginning of a “Fourth Wave” of Democracy. The late political scientist Samuel
Huntington once likened clustered incidences of democratizations to “waves”. After
the apparent ebbing out of the “Third Wave”, which between 1974 and the early
1990s swept over Southern Europe, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, the
time might have come for another democratic push. As a political scientist
studying stability and instability of authoritarian regimes, I am extremely

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20. Jan 2011

Still Repairing Chinese-Japanese Relations by Asger Røjle Christensen

China, InFocus, Japan, nationalism

Yes, there has been a serious crisis
recently between China and Japan.

The collision between a Chinese
fishing trawler and a Japanese coastguard patrol boat close to the disputed
islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, prompted both countries
to take drastic measures which resulted in China canceling a number of
high-level ministerial meetings between the two countries. But no, this doesn’t
imply that the region is on the brink of open confrontation. It doesn’t disturb
the general trend towards a more pragmatic cooperative attitude from both

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18. Jan 2011

Controversial Chinese activist receives the Simone de Beauvoir prize for Women’s freedom


On January 11th, in Paris, the Simone de Beauvoir prize for Women’s freedom 2010 was awarded to two Chinese women, GUO Jianmei 郭健梅, a lawyer in Beijing and Prof. AI Xiaoming 艾晓明 from Sun Zhongshan University (Canton). The Simone de Beauvoir Prize is an international human rights prize for women’s freedom, awarded since 2008 to […]

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9. Dec 2010

Pushing China further away – giving the Nobel to regime change

China, InFocus

By way of
introduction, let me affirm that of course Liu Xiaobo should not be in prison
for peacefully publishing his opinions on China’s system of government. He
has a long history of conducting a non-violent personal fight against the Party
leadership, the last time I met him was on Tiananmen. He has also guest-lectured here in Aarhus

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18. Jun 2010

Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day coming to the Nordic pavilions at EXPO 2010

China, energy, InFocus

On the 25th
of June 2010 the Nordic-Chinese Energy and Climate Day will take place at the
Shanghai World Expo. Key stakeholders from the Nordic and Chinese energy
research sectors will gather to network and exchange ideas. Speakers and guests
include Ministers and high ranking government officials as well as notable
business leaders and researchers. The event will focus on how greater
Chinese-Nordic cooperation and interaction can contribute to the development
and deployment of clean energy and climate technologies. To signify the very

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29. Apr 2010

Are the Hiccups in US-Chinese Relations an Introduction to a Serious Global Confrontation by Timo Kivimäki

China, InFocus

Timo Kivimäki,
Professor of Asian Security, University of Copenhagen



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30. Nov 2009

Climate Summit in Copenhagen: China moves to centre stage of the climate negotiations

China, environment, InFocus

Jørgen Delman, Professor, PhD, China Studies,
Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Copenhagen University


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11. Oct 2009

A rainbow anniversary: On the paradoxes of lesbian and gay life in contemporary China

China, gender, InFocus

Elisabeth L. Engebretsen


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4. Oct 2009

En anderledes fattigdom

China, development, InFocus, poverty


De økonomiske reformer udrydder en del af landets fattigdom, men skaber samtidig
nye grupper af fattige.

Af Kjeld A. Larsen

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