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1. Jul 2020

A New Cold War? Can we maintain good academic relationships with China post Covid-19?


Jørgen Delman, University of Copenhagen

As a social scientist working in the field of Chinese politics, I note with interest the speed with which perceptions of China changed these last months. A Cold War mentality is detectable.

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22. Jun 2020

What’s Past Is Prologue – The Geopolitical Significance of Covid-19 for Southeast Asia


Ann Maire Murphy, Seton Hall University.

As countries begin to reopen during the Covid-19 pandemic, strategic analysts are debating its impact on the future of geopolitics. Some contend that the pandemic could reshape the global order, accelerating China’s rise to international leadership while hastening the decline of the United States.

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20. Jan 2011

Still Repairing Chinese-Japanese Relations by Asger Røjle Christensen

China, InFocus, Japan, nationalism

Yes, there has been a serious crisis
recently between China and Japan.

The collision between a Chinese
fishing trawler and a Japanese coastguard patrol boat close to the disputed
islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, prompted both countries
to take drastic measures which resulted in China canceling a number of
high-level ministerial meetings between the two countries. But no, this doesn’t
imply that the region is on the brink of open confrontation. It doesn’t disturb
the general trend towards a more pragmatic cooperative attitude from both

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18. Aug 2010

Abandon decency. Abandon morals. Put in the guns and get the TEMPLE! by Anya Palm

cambodia, InFocus, Thailand

Preah Vihear is an unimaginably beautiful place. It is a
province, but it takes it’s name after an 11th Century Khmer
Temple, which towers over
the landscape on a 525-metre high mountain. The temple is stunningly
well-preserved – there are still carvings of dancing Apsaras, Buddha statues
and stone stair cases leading up to a perhaps even more breathtaking view over
unspoiled nature.

That is utterly unimportant, though.

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4. Jan 2010

The World’s Worst Spy

cambodia, InFocus, Thailand

Sivarak Chutipong is a name everyone, who follows South East
Asian news, will recognize. From complete anonymousity just a few months ago,
Sivarak Chutipong became famous over night. Why? He is a spy.

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16. Sep 2009

Exhibiting the Chinese War of Resistance in the People’s Republic of China

China, InFocus, Japan

Karl Gustafsson,
M.A., Ph.D. Candidate,
Department of Political Science, Stockholm University

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6. Jul 2009

Soft power: the Mango Festival and the Festival of India

Hinduism, India, InFocus, Pakistan, policy

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12. Jan 2009

2008: Ups and downs in Korea

InFocus, Korea

 by Geir Helgesen, Senior Researcher, NIAS

Last year in Korea was, as was previous years, filled with ups and downs, hopes and doubts, surprises and shocks, mystical occurrences and wild speculations, political shrewdness and political stupidity, conflict and thaw, tragedies and hope, fear and forgiving. All in all probably not so different from previous years, so what can be said about the recent past and the possible future on the Korean peninsula?

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10. Aug 2008

China’s foreign policy towards US-appointed ‘rogue states’: interest and principles?

China, InFocus

Clemens Stubbe Østergaard
Associate Professor

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10. Aug 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics – implications for Chinese foreign and security policy?

China, InFocus

Camilla T. N. Soerensen
PhD Fellow,

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