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15. Mar 2009

Made in China. Køn og klasse på den globale arbejdsplads

cambodia, gender, InFocus

Hilda Rømer Christensen,
Sociologisk Instititut
Københavns Universitet

Cecilia Milwertz
NIAS – Nordisk Institut for Asienstudier

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15. Mar 2009

China, gender, InFocus

In the early 1990s I started an ongoing journey in search of a Chinese worker-subject within the trajectory of China’s state socialist system’s incorporation into global capitalism. I have striven to articulate the emergence of a possible minor genre of social resistance in contemporary China, at a time when China is rapidly transforming itself into […]

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9. Nov 2008

Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis and China’s Economic Development

China, economy, InFocus, policy

Christer Ljungwall,
China Economic Research Center, Stockholm School of Economics, ([email protected])

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18. Aug 2008

China – an important component in the global economy

China, development, economy, InFocus

Christer Ljungwall

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