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Bangladesh flood
6. Jul 2023

The Final Straw: How a cyclone created a revolution in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, catastrophes, conflict studies, Elections, India, InFocus, Nation-building, Pakistan, political parties

The birth of Bangladesh as an independent nation-state in 1971 was a remarkable moment in modern history. It was remarkable not only for its people’s lengthy fight for freedom but also because of the role history. It was remarkable not only for its people’s lengthy fight for freedom but also because of the role of the Bhola cyclone, an unforeseen natural disaster that accelerated Bangladesh’s separation from the rest of Pakistan. Yet the cyclone – and how it affected local, regional and global politics – has only received limited attention by the historians.

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15. Apr 2020

Covid-19: The test of Pashtuns’ mechanical solidarity


By Naveed Ahmad Shinwari, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex At the time of writing this piece, Pakistan stood at number 33 in the list of countries affected by Covid-19 with 5,038 citizens having tested positive out of 61,801 tested. A total of 1,026 have recovered from the illness, while 86 Pakistanis have sadly […]

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6. Jan 2011

The assassination of the Punjab Governor by Ishtiaq Ahmed

InFocus, Islam, Law, Pakistan

January 6,

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29. Sep 2010

Danish media and Pakistani Islam by Uzma Rehman

InFocus, Islam, Pakistan

Pakistani Islam do you know about? The answer to this question would most
likely depend on the kind of news and information about Pakistan that has reached the majority of people
in Denmark
through the print and electronic media during the past decade i.e. especially
after 11 September 2001. However, this is how it is in most modern societies
where information about the world reaches us through the media. Only those few
who venture out to distant geographical areas are themselves able to experience
the ground reality of these societies.

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6. Sep 2010

In the aftermath of the Pakistan floods disaster by Ishtiaq Ahmed

floods, InFocus, Pakistan

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who
visited Pakistan a week
after the unprecedented monsoon rains that started in July 2010 described the
scenes that he saw as far worse than the havoc unleashed by the recent Haiti earthquake and the infamous tsunami of
2004 that hit Southeast and South Asia. To
some casual listeners that may sound strange because in terms of loss of life
the floods in Pakistan
claimed much fewer lives: some 2000 as against the hundreds of thousands of deaths
that took place at the time of the Haiti earthquake and the Asian

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6. Jul 2009

Soft power: the Mango Festival and the Festival of India

Hinduism, India, InFocus, Pakistan, policy

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19. Dec 2008

Towards a better understanding

InFocus, Islam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore

Timo Kivimäki, Senior Researcher, NIAS and Gerald Jackson, Editor in Chief, NIAS Press

In the West, Islam is often presented in a very simplified manner (much as the West is interpreted in simplified terms in many parts of the Islamic world). This is no surprise but in fact is typical in situations where there is tension between two parties.

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30. Sep 2008

Terrorism and its Impact on Pakistan-India Relations

India, InFocus, Pakistan

Let me start with the proposition that terrorism has had an adverse impact on relations between India and Pakistan – and for two reasons. First is the cross border movement of terrorists (who say they are motivated by oppression of fellow Muslims) from Pakistan to India.

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25. Aug 2008

Exit Musharraf: Demokratiets pyrrhus-sejr?

InFocus, Pakistan

Exit Musharraf.

Når pakistanernes jubel over Musharrafs afgang har lagt sig, er spørgsmålet, om prisen for demokratiets sejr har været for høj.Taleban står stærkere end længe, tvivlsomme politikere regerer, og de demokratiske institutioner har slagside.

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18. Feb 2008


InFocus, Pakistan

Stig Toft Madsen 

18 February 2008

For the last twelve months the telos of events in Pakistan have been the elections, postponed once, but now most likely to be held tomorrow on February 18th.

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